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Accesspal start-up company

Accesspal (ex Thess-rampa) is an awarded web based platform (in development & funding stage). It navigates people in a wheelchair through accessible ramps and routes. It is also a smart tool for parking violation control and it offers touristic routes.



Apifon is a high tech company, which provides businesses with innovative, cloud based messaging solutions. These include: Bulk SMS, SMS Landing, Authentication, Chat App, Push Notifications and E-mail Marketing, along with customized APIs that can be easily integrated into other systems.

Main product
Hybrid Messaging Solutions

Our hybrid solution is designed to help businesses target the right client at the right time, and send the right message on the right channel. We help businesses run campaigns across a wide range of communication channels: SMS, Landing, Email, Chat App - all in sync with each other.



Crossmobile is a company founded to provide solutions to minimize the effort of developing applications for mobile platforms. By using this environment it is possible someone to write the application once in Java, using the iOS API, and run the application natively in iOS, Android and PC, thus minimizing the effort, the time and the cost of development. This product is already materialized and tested for some years, and will be presented in MWC.



Cytech develops mobile solutions that translate business needs into technology. We provide our expertise in the telecoms sector to assist our partners in creating and exploiting new business opportunities. We are a one-stop powerhouse, with complete in-house solutions for mobile messaging, mobile marketing and mobile payments. Our business is global and we are accustomed to working across timezones. We have been the trusted technology partner who use our flagship product, mCore, in 25+ countries. mCore is a complete mobile business suite for mobile messaging, mobile marketing and mobile payments. The software is developed entirely by Cytech's in-house development team, and is used by many partners around the world. It is a market proven software that is capable of handling the most demanding wholesale SMS traffic as well as big scale marketing campaigns.



DAEM SA - City of Athens IT company - is operating since 1983 providing high quality ICT solutions for various clients ranging from Municipalities and Institutions to Organizations operating regional authorities nationwide. The company has successfully implemented wide range projects in the fields of ICT systems & cloud based multi-platform e-Government services, while integrated new technologies through its participation in national and European research programs. The development and promotion of new innovative services which are fundamental to the smart and sustainable city idea, lies at the heart of DAEM 's interest and is a strategic objective at the city level.



Echoleap is a startup aiming at providing enhanced distribution services of digital media assets. In Musicspoon (our first commercial release) along distribution to music platforms, we bundle services that are crucial to creators, such as publishing royalties’ collection, audio mastering, digital rights & contract management, social engagement and next generation fundraising. We use Blockchain technology to ensure transparency, speed, immutability and enforceability of contractual agreements between all stakeholders in the music industry.


Going Up

Going Up is the global leader in interactive, direct and digital marketing services for MNOs and Media Groups. We have come a long way since inventing SMS Mega Interactive Campaigns in 2003 and are now known for optimizing multichannel solutions, deploying state-of-the-art engagement tools, rewards schemes, buzz generating campaigns and innovative second screen applications.

“Sportimo” - our second screen mobile app - is changing the way viewers experience Live Sports by enabling them to compete for recognition and prizes.

“Optimizer” is the result of 14 years of R&D in rewards, interactivity and real-time optimization. It generates unprecedented increases across all revenue verticals of an MNO.

We use mathematics, advertising, creativity and technology to optimize simple ideas by focusing on results and client service. We think globally and act locally in more than 40 countries by shaping the future of interactivity. Our clientele includes MBC, Vodafone, Orange, Telenor, T-Mobile.



Do you know what is contained in the food that you eat? What about your shampoo?

Ingredio is a chemical lab in the hands of consumers, built-in a unique mobile phone app that informs the growing share of consumers who want to know what is contained in the products they use and embrace healthy eating and cosmetics without hazardous chemicals. Ingredio allows consumers to capture an ingredient label with their smartphone and informs them in seconds on product and ingredient hazard based on the European Commission and National Institutes of Health databases. Our application can be used in any country in the world for chemical ingredients listed in English.

You can download our app at the Google Play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.ingred.android.ingredio and watch the demo here: https://youtu.be/GUENpuEvpac



Rewards Platform by Motivian enables activities to gain customer loyalty, promote (new) products, attract customers attention etc. A variety of mechanisms and tools can be implemented depending on the target audience and aim.The solution enables organizations or retailers to manage the loyalty reward program of individual customers through a rules-based engine. Response rates can be improved by defining meaningful groups of customers of like attributes and behaviors. You can create a new segment in minutes and then use it for a wide range of reporting and targeting activities, stepping beyond the competition with a dynamic rewards catalog. Finally, items can be priced variably, adjusting the price-point based on customer attributes.



PARKGURU Limited, founded in  2016 by a team of experienced and enthusiastic professionals from diversified of information technology, provides mobile applications development and expert consulting services, specialized on car parking solutions for end-users and parking operators.

PARKGURU app (iOS and Android) combine the most accurate information and Online Parking & Booking Service for users, parking operators, affiliates, control officers and loyalty providers. PARKGURU platform includes payment gateways, bank’s interfaces, invoicing, payouts, collections, chargebacks, loyalties, ERP Integration, auditing and reporting. PARKGURU offers a variety of booking and payments methods, a fully multi-layer API for integration with other systems and service providers, 24/7 customer and parking operator support.

Currently, PARKGURU covers more than 2,500,000 parking lots in EU, US and Canada, saving time and money to the drivers while generating a new source of income to the car park operators.



M-STAT provides Bulk SMS services with Direct SMS Termination to Greece and Cyprus, along with high-quality SMS routes and reliable HTTP, SMPP and SMPP connectivity. M-STAT is the only mobile messaging company providing direct connections with all Greek Mobile Network Operators for SMS Termination. The company also provides Premium SMS gateways, 2-way communication,SIM hosting and Push Notifications. Moreover, M-STAT designs and develops custom mobile applications, in order to successfully meet each business’s needs with flexible solutions.

Through its 15 years of experience, M-STAT has established a powerful network of business partnerships with leading companies from all sectors



Pitchstor is a global online network which has been created for the business world to interact, fund startups and create business synergies


Plustic is a digital gift card platform where users can buy, send, change and redeem digital gift cards from their favorite retail brands. Our technology also provides loyalty and reward programs for all businesses, in a more social and automated way - saving valuable time for business managers and making it more incentive and fun for employees. Our vision is to make people's lives easier, when it comes to budgeting, gifting and management of plastic cards. Our goal is to introduce to the people a new shopping and gift sharing experience, using only a smartphone.


The #1 Contact Management app for teams. We challenge you: Once you update a business contact in your smartphone, is this automatically shared with your team as it should be? Would you like to have caller ID for all your business network and not only for the contacts stored in your address book? How much time is lost to keep and update personal contact lists without sharing? Boost your productivity and security by having all your organization contacts in one place, accessed from any device.

Regate SA

he Regate Effective Suite is a stand-alone platform that can be incorporated by any Telco. It is addressed to B2B customers and enriches the capabilities of the telco to provide common cloud services, including Sales Force Automation, Van Sales, Field Service and Asset Management solutions.



Synaphea develops real-world applications for fintech sector that harness theunique properties of the blockchain. Specifically, we are using next generationblockchain technology to deploy applications and store data directly in privateblockchains or “public” (Hyperledger, Ethereum)

Synaphea Dashboard manages documents/contracts trade on the blockchain and uses smart contracts to eliminate cost, disputes, forgery and unnecessary risks. Anyone can benefit from the capabilities of the Blockchain and customize it to his particular needs, without having any familiarity with coding.

We have also developed a Know your customer ( KYC ) platform on Synaphea Dashboard



VIDAVO operates in the field of ehealth / mhealth for fifteen years, linking citizens and healthcare providers over its intelligent monitoring and care management platform Vida24®.

Vida24® is a modular mhealth suite, trusted by thousands of users across Europe. It is the tool for healthcare providers to build their digital presence.

The system includes a bouquet of mobile health modules, ranging from chronic disease management, nutrition and activity online coaching, to doctor on demand, telepsychiatry, health assessment tools and more. The Vida24® customizable app synchs multi source data to the Vida24® cloud platform offering an end-to-end solution than can also bridge to any EMR system. Users can pick and activate the modules that serve their business scope and needs, in addition to the highly customizable user interface.

Health tourism, telehealth, telerehabilitation, health aging and independent living are just some of the many implementation areas for hospitals, nursing/elderly homes, cities and regional governments, telecom operators and ehealth providers.




Call: +30 211 8000910
E-mail: mwc@hamac.gr
HAMAC: 18-20, Amaroussiou-Chalandriou Str.
15125 Marousi, Athens, Greece

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Γνώρισε την πλατφόρμα εσωτερικής διακόσμησης #HouseID που παρουσιάστηκε στο Workshop προετοιμασίας MWC2019 που πραγ… https://t.co/u1TL5NOJL3
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Kick off meeting between Washington State department of commerce and the Greek delegation representatives for the a… https://t.co/yLVHChgN0d


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