3PI is an engineering software company that produces commercial software for the structural and seismic design for concrete buildings and also prepares custom software solutions for specific structural engineering problems.


ECtools is a design software for Reinforced Concrete and Unreinforced Masonry Structures using either the European Norms (Eurocodes) or the ACI318-11& ASCE/SEI7-10 US norms. It to facilitate the practicing structural engineer or the design office in the correct application of the several clauses of these codes. It utilises the analysis results of either SCIA Engineer© or-for the Eurocodes- ETABS©.



Akronic is a privately-held, high-tech company located in Athens, Greece. It is a Design Services House offering microelectronic design services for application-specific integrated circuits development.

Akronic offers in the microelectronic market unique design services which combine high quality, high performance, low power and low cost. Its services cover the areas of mixed-signal, analog and RF/mmW integrated circuits for communication systems and sensors, operating from DC up and above 100GHz. Moreover, the area of expertise is expanded in CMOS and BiCMOS technologies.

The company offers IC design services for automotive, commercial and aerospace applications.

Akronic P.C.

Akronic is a specialized design house offering top-quality, customer-centric and cost-efficient, RF/mmW and AMS, integrated circuit design services and SIP in CMOS and BiCMOS technologies, and from DC up to above 100GHz, with unique expertise is in wireless transceivers operating in mm-Wave frequencies.




Aqurance is a consultancy organisation deploying leading cloud-based technology to the life sciences industry, and has offices in Athens and Istanbul. Providing actionable strategic insight, the company helps 50+ global life sciences organisations to boost sales force performance and design effective digital strategies.

Aqurance is the brainchild of SaaS and life sciences specialists and leads with an A–Z approach. It consults clients as they forge their CRM, CLM, and business analytics strategies and implements them with top-of-breed cloud technology through Aqurance’s strategic partnerships. Founded in 2011, the company is the fastest-growing service provider for life sciences in south-eastern Europe.

For more information visit our website!


Athens Technology Center

ATC designs, develops and supports scalable & flexible cloud-based solutions to deliver innovative, yet cost-effective, web and mobile city services and applications for public & private sector actors. We exploit novel technologies for mobile application development (such as geolocation, data driven processing and visualisation, Web service interfaces, mobile sensors & augmented reality). We create smart location-based, context aware and personalised applications, that make use and combine a wide range of (open) datasets about parking (on-street and off-street locations, price and availability), public transport (location of stops, arrivals), bike sharing, local news, events and points of interest. All these are combined with route planning, available information on public urban transport services or events, or even with environmental data. Within this framework, ATC is developing ADAMO, an application aiming to assist citizens, tourists and business visitors of a city in optimising their tour schedule during their visit, as well as the local enterprises in strengthening their presence through targeted advertisement. The relevant tools exploit open data sets of categorised POIs, advanced mobility approaches and personalised solutions.


Web & Mobile services for Smart Cities

ATC delivers smart web and mobile services for public & private sector. Based on novel technologies, we support various City services fields (parking, public transport, incident reporting, PΟΙs), and eGovernment functions

Contact Person:

+30 6944 912891



BEL specializes in delivering market proven solutions and services with an exceptional track record since 1998 in the Graphic Arts, Printing and Life Sciences industries.

Over the course of these years, we have acquired significant expertise and deep industry knowledge, resulting into numerous successful implementations across the Packaging, Commercial, Label and Digital printing industry segments.

Our flagship offering Overprint is an end-to-end modular Print MIS, combining CRM, Cost Estimation and Quotation Management, Production Planning and Tracking, Inventory Management, Business Intelligence and Reporting, into a seamless, user-friendly environment, enabling companies to proactively manage their costs with great accuracy, streamline their production and optimize their resources, while increasing their profitability and keeping their customers satisfied.

By leveraging our expertise we have expanded our offering to the Life Sciences industry, addressing the complex issues of global pricing harmonization and multi-level approval processes. Our offering, iPAT is a Price Optimization and Management solution, that leverages the full power of data into taking the optimal decision that will have a major impact on the bottom line.



logo iPAT.png

The CPQ and Approval system for the creation of a pricing governance system, addressing the complex issues of global pricing harmonization and multi-level approval processes



Contact Details:

Costas Economopoulos




We are a Greek IT company specializing in the development of applications for Retail Enterprises such as Supermarkets, Department Stores and Warehouses.

We are leaders, we have expertise and dynamic international presence in the Retail market (Retail & Wholesale).

We are Cubit. Driven by a passion for technology, we provide services that are the result of cooperation, research, long experience, but also imagination… for we constantly imagine new ways to make your work both easier and more constructive.

We are committed to ongoing training because technology is constantly evolving. We are always open to proposals because requirements change and we unceasingly consider ways to further improve your business operation.

We strive to become better and we invest in the future so as to be in a position to offer the best possible solution for your future needs too.

We love detail and this is where we believe our comparative advantage lies.




Cubit, designed and implemented an extensive investment program in order to develop Reflexis Retail. Software that meets the needs of individual retail stores and large retail chains.

Reflexis Retail covers the whole spectrum of retail business operations regardless of size and business type.

Reflexis Retail, part of Reflexis suite, is a comprehensive management system and trading platform for retail, wholesale and franchise chains, that provides unlimited possibilities of product management, suppliers, shops, warehouses, etc.

Reflexis Retail delivers role-based templates for analytics and dashboards, so the head-office and the store can access information they need to make informed decisions and manage business performance.

Manages e-gift cards, inventory & orders, promotions & coupons, loyalty schemes, and is an integrated product for stores (Retail & Wholesale) with excellent security features and availability.

Reflexis Retail is fully integrated with Wincor Nixdorf, IBM and NCR hardware. It also integrates Wincor Nixdorf Shelf Checkout.

Reflexis Retail has a user-friendly environment and adapts to customer needs and requirements.


Contact Person:

Nikos Skoulaxinos

Business Development Manager,

Mob. 0030 6947157895





Diadrasis, meaning “interaction” in Greek, is an IT company developing multimedia applications and content focusing on heritage, education and tourism.

During the last ten years Diadrasis has worked for various private and public organizations such as museums, local authorities and municipalities, educational institutes, universities and archaeological sites, developing virtual tours, multimedia guides, 3D reconstructions and educational games for various platforms such as mobile devices, the web, interactive displays and special multimedia constructions.

At the moment, Diadrasis is focusing on the innovative platform of e-chromichani (e-timemachine) a virtual and augmented reality mobile application for visiting archaeological sites.


e-chronomichani . your digital tour guide

e-chromichani (e-timemachine) is a virtual and augmented reality mobile application for visiting archaeological sites.

Through 3d reconstructions and multimedia content, it offers the experience to visitor while moving within a real space to explore it in real time as if he was in another historical period.  



Contact Person: Yiannis Ladas mob. +306977821846




Doctoranytime is the absolute health destination. Identifying the right doctor for you is now an easy and reliable process. The user can chose the best doctor comparing the specialty, reviews, costs and other information and book an appointment online, anytime!


Through doctoranytime the user can identify the right doctor for him.

When the user is looking for a specific, doctor, or a doctor In a specific area, or even when he has a health issue and doesn’t know which specialty he should see, he can simply use the filters that will lead them to the most suitable doctors for his case. He can choose the doctors he feels closer to and book an appointment instantly.



DOTSOFT SA is a Greek SME, specializing in Software Development and Integrated ICT Solutions for the public and private sector. The company was founded in 2004 and was comprised by a small group of professionals. Today, our team has grown considerably with a workforce of 19 people, including project managers (PMP©), IT experts, analysts and consultants. DOTSOFT’s major fields of expertise are Content Management, Decision Support Systems, Data Preservation, Workflow Systems, Digital Assets, Databases and Mobile Applications.

Our aim is to provide reliable, trustworthy, integrated ICT solutions, through technology innovation and successful project management to both public and private organizations combining each time tailored services and products.




Share your Wi-Fi connection smart & keep your internet clients happy!

Ready to know your clients and bring them back with targeted offers

Offer interactive services, quick & reliable access to those using your Wi-Fi network.

Contact Person: Αnastasios Manos,, +30 694 531 3949



The is a company which has created an online platform for the registration of local shops (clothing, footwear, accessories and household products)

It provides services to both shopping in the local market, and throughout the public.

Local shops each country and city, giving the opportunity of advertising the store for the general public, in the most economical way, highlighting the showcase with their offerings in the house of the prospective client to be known and to increase their clientele.

It gives the consumer the opportunity to know the existence and offers local shops, gaining a complete picture of the store before the visit, without movement and consumption of valuable time.

The platform has been created in an appropriate manner so as to provide to tenants who wish to register their store, flexibility with a free subscription to to create their own profile, to choose for themselves the time by registering themselves daily tenders, in one of the three display categories, from one day to as many days as they wish, upload photos, video, link site, area and address to look at google map store.

Due to the low cost / day provided per entry without fixed subscription and renewal commitment, they can promote their products as often as they want.

Performs daily market research for the consumer. So it is allowed not only to search for and identify electronically Athens shops and Piraeus, but every day sees new offers their items with prices and photos, automatic connection to the site, still and video store, and display address in google map.

Note that the services are provided free to the consumer.

The company already operates as an individual, with provision to establish a company in 2016.

Online registration guide Finding and viewing local store deals

The dynamic, responsive, electronic platform, provides services in local shops market (clothing-footwear-accessories-home items) and to all the consumers


Contact Person:     Staikouras Thanasis  E.     P. 693 84 80 407



Revolutionizing thecurrent property management system for short –term rentals.

A 360 approach :

From professional shooting and decoration From listings presentation to 24/7 cmmunication with guests From cleaning services to a warm welcome

We offer a hassle-free income to homeowners

All these by leveraging technology and outsourcing operations


Eazybnb- Welcome more!

Eazybnb takes care of everything

for you and your property

Leave everything to eazybnb and simply earn money renting your space to visitors from all over the world!

Contact Person: Nasos Gavalas +306934009060




Elorus is an online invoicing and billing application. It offers you the ability to keep records of your sales and purchases, as well as obtain reports concerning the growth of your business in terms of cash flow operations. Just like any online application, you have access to your data from your office, home, your smartphone or tablet. Elorus ideally serves freelancers and small to medium companies.


Contact Person:

Pantelis Petridis

+30 6945108314


Ergobyte Informatics S.A.

Ergobyte is a software house in Thessaloniki, which offers innovative products and services for the agricultural and e-health sector. In parallel to other activities, research is conducted in various fields of ICT, namely: information coding, cryptography, human-machine interfaces, rapid application development, machine reasoning and learning, semantic web.


12401020 1666661846929815 5253201077766766560 n

CropDiagnosis is a ​mobile application aiming to improve pest management decisions by making crop diagnosis more accurate, selection of chemicals error-free and application assisted by personalised instructions.

Contact Person: George Nikolaidis 6974125258



European Sensor Systems S.A. (ESS S.A.)

European Sensor Systems (ESS) is a global developer and manufacturer of high quality sensors based on micro-electronics technologies.

ESS commenced operations by a group of experienced executives and professionals, who accumulate decades of experience in the design, development, fabrication and integration of sensor based systems.

ESS MEMS based sensors and sensor systems, which are produced via qualified industrial processes, measure pressure, fluid properties, acceleration and temperature. Combining multiple discipline capabilities, ESS delivers technologically advanced sensor solutions in a fast and efficient way starting from the concept to prototyping and full production.

Our flexibility along with the dedication to the client ensures a high end custom made product within a limited timeframe ready to be installed to the application without any additional modifications. ESS products are employed in sophisticated control and monitoring applications in the industrial, medical, aerospace and consumer good markets either as stand-alone components or being integrated within equipment's.

European Sensor Systems S.A. (ESS S.A.)


MEMS Pressure sensors MEMS Flow sensors MEMS Accelerometers Signal Conditioning Electronics


Development of custom made MEMS sensor dies based on ESS fabrication processes or other commercially available processes. Development of custom mixed analog-digital ASICs for the signal conditioning of MEMS sensors based on commercially available CMOS processes. Development of novel packaging solutions tailored to the customer needs. Feasibility studies of new MEMS based sensors. Test and characterization.

All services are based on a portfolio of different validated methods, processes, designs and technologies.


Contact Person:

Dr. Emmanuel Zervakis, tel.: +30 216 2000 500



Fraud Line

Fraud Line is an innovative start up created within INNOVATHENS business accelerator. Our vision is to empower, sensitize and protect employers, employees and shareholders in the private sector, public sector and in NGOs against internal fraud.

We offer specialized, integrated and innovative solutions against internal fraud. We give priority on prevention valuing the employees as our allies We focus on changing cultures in organizations and the society putting emphasis on business ethics.


Antifraud Awareness and Whistleblowing Service

A holistic service that combats corporate fraud. Interactive physical/e-learning seminars and an easy to use cloud based whistleblowing platform, change corporate cultures and promote trust, transparency, reducing costly fraud.

Contact Person: Vassilis Stamatopoulos +306977356534


Geotag Aeroview S.A.

Geotag Aeroview produces and distributes high-quality visual content taken from a helicopter, such as ultra-high resolution aerial photos and HD-videos of the Mediterranean coastline.

Geotag Aeroview has also developed an array of innovative high-tech approaches in order to present and distribute this vast visual content as well as to facilitate effective navigation and interoperability among video, images, maps and their relative information.

This content is available for commercial exploitation, on the web, through innovative on-line presentation technologies such as It is also available offline, through various channels such as publishers, media and other similar types of corporations.



TripInView is a world-wide innovative site presenting geotagged aerial photos and video of the entire coastline of countries that are “beach and sun” destinations, in a unique way.

Contact details:     Takis Dimitrakopoulos      +30 6942558958


Takis Dimitrakopoulos (Marketing & Sales Director)

+30 6942558958

Read more... is an online platform that brings together professionals who offer household services to users who require such services. Currently offers technical services (electricians, plumbers), beauty services (hairdressing, manicurist, beauticians), health & wellness (personal trainers, nutritionists), and others such as computer technicians, photographers, chefs and accountants.

Users and professionals arrange appointments in real time online at mutually agreed dates and times, without use of the phone. After the service has been delivered, users evaluate the professionals and their services, thus helping to improve the performance of the professionals while also giving users a voice as consumers. was launched in 2014 in Athens and has rapidly grown month by month. The immediate objective is to expand throughout Greece and also to offer new categories of services, such as domestic workers, gardeners and so on. “Giaola” in Greek means “For everything”, and this is the way the firm wants to develop its offering of services – For Everything – as an integrated search tool and one-stop shop for finding professionals for whatever the user may need in order to get his or her everyday household tasks done.

Website: participates in the program«NBG Business Seeds»with funding equity financing form (equity participation).


NBG Business Seeds is an integrated program designed to foster innovative and export-oriented entrepreneurship. NBG Business Seeds includes actions that aim at showcasing innovative ideas and projects, training and mentoring young entrepreneurs, and providing infrastructures, networking and financing. Once the annual competition "Innovation & Technology" is over and the awards given, NBG supports the implementation of selected proposals that are distinguished.

NBG works in partnership with the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) and the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) so as to provide shortlisted proposals with the opportunity to attend training programs on business themes. The said proposals also receive free-of-charge services and products of Amazon and Microsoft, while incubation services are provided in partnership with SEV and 1776, a global incubator and seed fund based in the US.

In addition, as regards financial support for businesses, NBGprovides targeted lending actions and participation in company equity, as well as mentoring and networking actionsin cooperation with Grant Thornton, Endeavor Greece and the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce.

Contact Persons

Thanos Papadimitriou



Vicky Goulou, Marketing & PR Director


Tel:+30 211 408 2131, +30 694 828 0127



The business startup named Globartery, was developed during its participation in the incubator-accelerator INNOVATHENS. It consists of a 3 person's team with a common vision to disrupt the traditional practices of ordering by bringing into contact wholesalers and retailers through a b2b marketplace in an innovative internet-based way.

“Connecting Businesses”

B2B marketplace connecting wholesalers and retailers through an e-platform facilitating the order management by evaluating credible and available partners, online viewing of products, comparing prices, and using collective buying.

Contact Details:

Antonis Zervas




Hotelgenius is a cloud-based platform for hotels. A unified solution that brings together all online sales and marketing channels needed for an astonishing and profitable web presence.


We are not just a fast-growing company that specializes in hospitality technology. Nor we are just a group of enthusiastic professionals on the quest of getting and applying the latest technologies for hotels’ prosperity shake. We are creative, innovative, ambitious and ingenious thinkers dedicated to provide our customers with the most cutting-edge services and products.


After 15 years of a successful presence in the hotel industry, our founders, Theodore Theodoropoulos and Spiros Loisios, gathered a lot of experience and precious knowledge. It was these assets that made them realize hoteliers’ problems and it was at this point that Hotelgenius was founded. In fact, the two young entrepreneurs decided to provide hoteliers with the most avant-garde tools, to allow them to optimize their business’ web presence and boost their online bookings. Our birth was not just another company; it was a genius modernization of hospitality technology as a whole.


Hotelgenius is on a mission to bring hotels, guests and technology on the same page. Technology is evolving, guests are becoming more demanding than ever before and hoteliers are having difficulties speeding up. To overcome this inconsistency in the industry, we decided to offer hoteliers an effective, user-friendly, state-of-the-art solution that would allow them to present the most modern image of their hotel, engage customers and build an unparalleled brand that starts online but extends offline as well.

Contact Details:

Theodore Theodoropoulos

+30 694 427 1743


ICON Platforms

ICON Platforms is a pioneer in loyalty marketing, offering customers some of the latest technologies focused on business gamification solutions. With our own, flexible cross-platform technology, strong R&D, ICON Platforms offers clients access to powerful digital technologies.

The issue of gamification and relationship marketing is to create the right motivation through incentives, rewards and recognition systems towards building stronger relationship bonds and customer/partner/employee/citizen commitment.

Fundamentally, gamification is a technique to influence, motivate and engage people to solve problems, perform certain actions, and have fun while building positive energy in the workplace, for brands and for public initiatives.

We organize, deliver and support loyalty campaigns using business gamification methodology, in order to treat social as an opportunity to learn as much as possible about people’s behavior, not imposing views and ideas but co-create mutual value with audiences.

Using our loyalty – business gamification platform, we have implemented various B2C, B2B, B2Employees projects in Greece, in Europe, in Egypt, and in West Africa for multinational and local companies.

TALOS is our loyalty/gamification platform that is used as the back-end of loyalty projects. TALOS platform listens for, identifies and records the online behavior of each of user, customer, partner, employee or citizen, storing their engagement actions and information in unique personal profiles.

It features exceptional scalability and performance capabilities, and has been designed from the ground up with modular S.O.A. architecture enabling “plugin-style” extensibility, easy third-party services integration on any part of the system.

Additionally, ICON Platforms is a consortium of Gamification professionals that offer a variety of professional services, in order to meet the business and performance objectives of our clients.

We design complete and detailed gamification strategy project plans, with ROI framework so that you can assess the effectiveness of the gamification design and roll-out plan: first, to evaluate the efficacy of the gamified environment in meeting objectives; and second, from the perspectives of usability, playability, engagement, user experience, and flow perception.


Contact Details:

George Veinoglou







The company Innoesys was founded in May 2015. The main shareholders and founders, having extensive experience in the development of electronic systems and applications for the research and industrial sectors, decided to found a startup company that creates and produces innovative products. The core business is to Design, Manufacture and Trade Electronic Systems. The difference is that Innoesys does not address the market with a single product. Its objective is to implement and promote innovative ideas. Among current activities are the design and promotion of the innovative hand-held printing device “Selfpree” (; the management of an eshop with prototyping products (; the manufacturing of electronic products and systems and their promotion in the market; as well as participation in competitions for developing innovation projects, with e.g. the "J'arrive" (Open Design Competition Equipment Public Services) held in collaboration of EPIΝΟΟ-NTUA and the non-profit organization GFOSS.


Selfpree is an innovative portable electronic device that operates as a mini printer, which is wirelessly connected through bluetooth to a smart device. There is no need of paper feed.

Contact details:

Δημήτρης Κολοβός




INNOETICS offers solutions with its award-winning Text-to-Speech technology. Having developed and amazing TTS platform and a unique technique for fast voice development, INNOETICS holds a roadmap for developing more than a dozen new voices and languages in 2016, aiming to become a leader in the global Text-to-Speech market.

Amazing Synthetic Voices

Having developed an award-winning Text-to-Speech technology and a unique technique for voice development, INNOETICS offers amazing synthetic voices with character for every solution.


Contact Details:

Aimilios Chalamandaris

(+30) 6942 619 147



InSyBiois active in the field of bioinformatics, and specifically the field of personalized medical applications. It focuses on identifying key prognostic biomarkers in the early stages of development of diseases using advanced meta-analysis tools for biological and medical datasets. Detection of such biomarkers speeds up prognosis as well as research for the discovery of new drugs. Today, the market for bioinformatics dataset tools and services is one of the fastest growing markets worldwide, growing at an average of over 15% per annum.


InSyBio’s main product is the InSyBio Suite, an integrated platform with tools for the management, secure storage and analysis of biological datasets to facilitate researchers in the detection and interpretation of biomarkers. InSyBio’s products are useful for companies working in the field of individualized prognosis and diagnosis, pharmaceutical companies, research laboratories and university research institutes, and agrobiotechnology companies.


The InSyBio team is composed of five scientists with a strong background in bioinformatics, information technologies, and business administration, and a scientific committee comprised of two members from the academic community of the University of Patras.


InSyBio participates in the program«NBG Business Seeds»with funding equity financing form (equity participation).

NBG Business Seeds is an integrated program designed to foster innovative and export-oriented entrepreneurship. NBG Business Seeds includes actions that aim at showcasing innovative ideas and projects, training and mentoring young entrepreneurs, and providing infrastructures, networking and financing. Once the annual competition "Innovation & Technology" is over and the awards given, NBG supports the implementation of selected proposals that are distinguished.

NBG works in partnership with the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) and the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) so as to provide shortlisted proposals with the opportunity to attend training programs on business themes. The said proposals also receive free-of-charge services and products of Amazon and Microsoft, while incubation services are provided in partnership with SEV and 1776, a global incubator and seed fund based in the US.

In addition, as regards financial support for businesses, NBGprovides targeted lending actions and participation in company equity, as well as mentoring and networking actionsin cooperation with Grant Thornton, Endeavor Greece and the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce.

Contact Person

Dr. KonstantinosTheofilatos


Tel: +30 697 364 1685



Intale connects the convenience retail market by installing best-in-class purpose built POS systems into a large base of convenience stores and kiosks to help the business owners to organize themselves and connect online to their supply chain.

Intale Point

Intale Point is Intale’s PoS system.  It runs on an iPad, stores the info on the cloud and is accessible from anywhere. It is the only global solution purpose-built for convenience retail.


Contact Details: Fanis Koutouvelis


Irida Labs S.A.

Irida Labs is a platform-independent leading technology provider of embedded computer vision and artificial intelligence software and silicon IPs for cameras used in smartphones, drones, wearable or any other mobile camera. Our product and technology portfolio includes high throughput applications such as video stabilization, face detection and recognition, low-light video enhancement, object detection and super resolution. The team uses state of the art heterogeneous computing platforms (including CPU, GPU and DSP) and is partnered with Qualcomm, Cadence, Synopsys and CEVA.



Contact Details:

Vassilis Tsagaris

+30 6977 622313



K&A Epimetron Ltd was established with its main focus being the development of technical software directly targeted for the Drilling Industry. Our strategic approach consists of introducing innovation to daily practice, whilst our vision is to provide you the most intuitive, innovative, robust software platform, that encompasses the needs of today's drilling operations.




Symmetric is a Complete, Intuitive, Dedicated, Drilling management Software Platform. It allows you to enter, process and monitor operational data wherever they are, wherever you are, in real time, over the Internet.

Contact details:

Papazachariou Andreas

+30 697 3692382




Call: +30 211 8000910
HAMAC: 18-20, Amaroussiou-Chalandriou Str.
15125 Marousi, Athens, Greece

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Kick off meeting between Washington State department of commerce and the Greek delegation representatives for the a…


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